Note iOS 16 – Phone 13 Notes 😍

notes ios 14

His note ios 14Β  is one of the best and most beautiful software that you can use as a note.

But this software is for iPhone phones

Well, those of you who have Android would like to be able to use this software and have the notes ios 15 on your Android phone.

The Rawin Team is create the application for android phone to use notes ios in android .

Features of Notes ios android :

  1. The user interface is completely similar to the Notes ios 16 and iphone 13
  2. Free note-taking and to-do list creation.
  3. Sorting motes by time, size, date ….
  4. Notes and to-do lists are completely similar to the iPhone 14
  5. The Note iOS 16 taking app helps you create reminders wherever you are

How to use Notes IOS 16 and iphone 14 in Android ?

1 . first Download Notes IOS 16 for androidΒ  from google play.


notes ios 16 phone 14 for android

install app notes ios for android on google play from rawin team

2 . open app and create new note in app


create new notes in ios 16 in iphone 14
create new note in ios 16

3 . Update notes in iNote app

Easy Update Note in Inotes app ios 14

Easy Update Note in Inotes app

4 . Change Operator In Notes Ios app for android


change operator in ios
change Operator in Notes app

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