instagramDownloader without login🤓

how to download from instagram without Login :

In this post, we are going to discuss about instagram video downloader fast free, anonymous .

InstaDownloader the applocation for Download from instagram without Login .

you can download video instagram with instagram downloader android .

instagram download for free , you can download instagram download , photo , igtv and …

first download application from google play InstaDownload :

instagram downloader free


Open instagram downloader android :

instagram story viewer
Main Page Instagram Downloader

Past instagram Post and click Download Button

instagram download
Download post instagram

And you can download all post and all story from instagram.


how to delete instagram account :


instagram is a social application , and the best application in word for share post , story and …

If you work with Instagram, you must know how to delete an Instagram account .

how to delete instagram account permanently

In this method, you allow Instagram to delete all your posts, videos, stories, etc. and you cannot recover your account in this way.

how to delete instagram account temporarily

In the method of temporarily deleting an Instagram account, you temporarily deactivate your Instagram account and you can access your account again.

Delete instagram account with pc :

open instagram page for delet account


how to delete instagram account temporarily from mobile


To delete an Instagram account, first enter the Instagram software and go to settings :

delete accounte instagram from mobile


Next, you must click on the help option to move to the next page.

what happens if we delete instagram account temporarily

Upon entering the help page, you will be faced with three options. Among these options, click on the word help center

 will instagram delete my account if i temporarily disable it

If you followed the steps to delete the Instagram account correctly, you should see the following page. On this page, click on managing your account to proceed to the next step.

delete instagram account permanently android

Now, on this page, to delete your Instagram account, you should find the word delete your account and by selecting it, you will be transferred to the page of deleting your account.

how do you temporarily delete instagram

Now you have to find delete your account page which is marked with blue color and select it.

can you temporarily delete an instagram account

At this point, you need to log in to your account. If you have already logged into your account on the site, you do not need this process, but otherwise you must enter your account information.
In the next step, if you log in to your account, you must state the reason for deleting your account. By choosing one of the reasons in the field shown, you can delete your account. We remind you that we explained these reasons at the beginning of the article.
At this stage, you can make your work easier and delete your account faster by choosing something else.

If you have entered your reason, just click on the button shown at the end to complete the process of deleting your account. Do not forget that at this stage you must enter your password before deleting. So on the last page you have to do three things:

1. Announcing the reason for deleting the Instagram account

2. Enter the password

3. Click on the delete button


how to reactivate instagram account after temporarily delete


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Instagram app

instagram app for ios

instagram app for android


save instagram story


Maybe you want to have someone’s Instagram story without telling that person.

How is it possible that you can easily download someone’s Instagram story?

you can with instaDownload application , download stroy from instagram

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